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Lina - Laptop Case - Brächa Design with pockets
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Lina - Laptop Case


The “Lina” laptop case is perfect for any man or woman who doesn't want to carry a big laptop bag. “Lina” laptop offered you an extra outside pocket for your cell phone.

Size Small ,Medium and Large 

  • High-quality Leather, with a soft touch
    • Color: Black
      • Side bag
        • Handmade (with love)
          • Comes in re-usable 100% cotton Brächa bag                                              Size Small -Medium -Large         

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            All of Brächa's designs are ethically produced on the Indonesian island Bali, and made by local artisans. The young brand strives to create honest products of high quality on a smaller scale. Quality and good working conditions go before mass production.