These videos showing what Bracha is, what Bracha stands for and tells the story from the founder of Bracha. You see how the bags are made and that there is paid attention to every detail, from the making process to the shipment.


 BRACHA FEELINGS, from making the bag til wearing the bag.

On the video are the bags: Kim, Marlous, and Kirsten to see.



 PACKAGING OF BRÄCHA, we care about the details not only in making but also sending, so every bag is a gift to get and give.

On the video are the bags: Putu and Annechien to see. 


BISIC COLLECTION, from a small bag for going out, a wallet where everything fits into, weekend bag that can travel with you. Brächa basic collection has it all.

On the video are the bags: Marlous, Kim, Kirsten, Martin, Lia, Annechien and Marieke to see.


 THE STORY BEHIND BRACHA, told by the founder Marieke Terpstra.

On the video are the bags: Gede, Made and Komang to see.


BRÄCHA MEN COLLECTION, timeless travel essentials that will last a lifetime.

On the video is the bag, Martin to see.