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“Bags are so much more than just useful items. For me they are real story carriers”
Marieke Terpstra - proud founder of Brächa Design

A nice bag has always been something that has a great meaning for me. Beside the fact that you carry it around every day and that it carries all your treasures. It ‘holds’ all your personal stories that go along with it.

Making my purpose my business

In 2014 I started designing bags for friends and family, since they already knew my creative side. In the mean time I was also working as a creative director for Rob Peetoom hair salon on Bali. Being in contact with so many people every day, I was able to share my story and passion for creating bags. Result was that the demand for my bags started to grow.

My first “wow”

I was able to connect with a local tailor in Bali and together we were able to turn my ideas into really good and sustainable bags.

When another friend gifted me a photoshoot of the samples that we had made I was able to share my bags with my online community. My business was born: Brächa Design. The interest and sales in my bags grew rapidly and it was by then that I realized that Brächa was indeed a real a brand. Wow!