Mission and vision


Brächa Design stands for 'timeless travel essentials that will last a lifetime' which have all the characteristics that the Indonesian island of Bali entails, pure and respectful. The biggest challenge of the island, which is still a third world economy for the local population, is the short-term vision which results in a 'disposable economy' of plastic and other non-degradable products that literally and figuratively flood the island.

Brächa Design was created to create a countermovement from within, by developing exclusive and honest learning travel essentials. All products are ethically produced on the island itself, where Brächa cooperates with local craftsmen, who work exclusively with the best materials. Many 'love' and 'care for detail' are incorporated in every product. 

Brächa Design helps the local Balinese people to expand their creativity and view of the world by producing lifetime-lasting products that contribute to a better living environment. All our products are designed and produced on the basis of these principles.


Hindu Bali, also called the island of the Gods, has about 6,000 temples. This makes it one of the most important features of the island and is therefore also chosen as a logo for Brächa. The service of the temple is also reduced to the vision of Brächa Design:  After a temple is built, it is used every day for the worship of the Gods. The beauty of the tradition surrounding culture and religion can be admired by everyone every day. The temple is made with love, is functional and contributes to the feeling of joy, the feeling that Brächa wants to give through her designs; A sustainable product that travels with you all over the world and through life. A product with which you can identify because of its quality, luxury appearance and sustainable origin.  Each temple is made up of several layers, each with its own meaning, also for Brächa Design. The basic layer stands for Ethical Business. Our professionals do not have to commit to contracts or fixed workplaces, the main objective they have is to be able to share their knowledge and give it to Brächa Design - their knowledge and craftsmanship are the basis for all essentials that we develop and produce. It keeps the temple intact and ensures that this knowledge and expertise is not lost so that they can always fall back on this and can also provide future generations with work. The good conditions in which they operate are unique to the island. Anyone who purchase one of our products, contributes to an improvement of the island and its population and builds in at the gate of a new temple. Doors will be open for younger generations of professionals so that they too can continue to build new temples with beautiful thoughts that we carry with us every day.

The second layer is dedicated to Freedom & Honesty. In many ways Bali en Asia in general is still far behind the rest of the world, a gap that Brächa Design is trying to make a little smaller day by day. We work exclusively with local raw materials, such as Indonesian leather.The Balinese Batik makes the inner lining of most Brächa bags.It does not always seem perfect, but is fair and pure minded and therefore fits exactly in the timeless designs. Brächa products are Pure, Simple and Honest and that can be seen in every product that you carry with you. Brächa supplies products with a story that everyone should want to know; the story of Freedom & Fairness for both the consumer and the local population.   The top layer stands for "Sustainability". Temples are not disposable products and are built to be enjoyed for years ,if not centuries, if not centuries . They are carved out of sustainable stone which makes it possible to cope with the different weather conditions and mother nature’s varous power. Brächa Design supplies fair boutique products made from sustainable Indonesian raw materials. Quality at Brächa is of paramount importance and that also means taking responsibility of the surrounding environment in which products are made.

Because of the plastic problem in Bali, Brächa would like to donate $ 1 from every sale toward the causes of Trash Rebel. Trash Rebel is a movement that is passionate about Indonesia and wants to reduce the negative impacts of plastic in nature. By setting up projects using eco-friendl techniques together with the Indonesian youth, they build community houses, such as schools, by using existing plastic waste. Trash Rebel works with the younger generations to teach them and to change the impact on the environment in a positive way. Like Bracha, Trash Rebel has a long-term vision in which traditions can enjoy the beauty of Indonesia.