Bracha: Simple, Stylish & Elegant

An accessories label, something like that doesn’t just appear from nowhere. Founder Marieke Terpstra started with gifts for family and friends, mainly focussing on small leather wallets. The idea turned into a small success and soon more designs and requests followed. The next step, her own brand, couldn’t wait much longer. The goal of Bracha is to make honest products that make people happy. There is no mass production. Marieke collaborates with two Balinese leather makers who solely work with Balinese materials, and a Balinese family takes care of all the printed matter.

Bracha in three words: simple, stylish & elegant.

Simple – Bracha is there for the woman or man who appreciates simplicity. All designs are free of unnecessary fuss. The result: a seemingly simple design that lasts longer than a season or two. Practical details like zippers and handles are incorporated into the design in a subtle manner.

Stylish – Instead of being trendy, the timeless items of Bracha can easily be combined with outfits that are very on trend. The wallet or bag for the office can also be carried around during a drink after work. A lot of the items are unisex – how practical can it get? –, but there’s also a separate women’s and men’s collection.

Elegant – You don’t need any bells and whistles for an elegant look, but quality all the more. You carry a bag or wallet around with you every day, so a product like that ought to be picked out with care. All of Bracha’s items are made from high-quality leather from Bali.

Each and every product has been designed by Marieke herself, from A to Z.


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